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Director and conservation dog handler, Dr. Caroline Finlay has been working in conservation for over 15 years studying many species in a variety of habitats, from howler monkeys in the Honduran rainforest, red squirrels in the forests of Northern Ireland and salmon in the marine environment. She holds a PhD focusing on the conservation of species in agricultural systems and a Masters in Conservation Biology and Ecological Management, but also has applied experience working in universities, NGOs and government agencies researching and informing management plans for native species.


“Conservation detection dogs are an under- utilized resource in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and Ireland. In other countries they have been shown to be the best tools possible for studying and aiding the conservation of a variety of species; from tortoises, whales, bats, rare plants… you name it! My aim is to help as many different organisations have the opportunity to enhance their conservation projects with a highly trained detection dog. The only limit to the use of these dogs in conservation is our own imagination.”


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